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Our primary focus is to build a unique collaboration of parents, professionals, and community members to provide quality support, tools and connections that are economically accessible to all adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families and those who work with them..

Lace Nexus

LACE Nexus is your Local Autism Community Engagement Network (L.A.C.E.). We are working to connect autism spectrum adults and their parents with local social events, service providers, training and employment opportunities. If you have an interest in autism, this is the private network for YOU.

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Career and technical education in secondary schools is on the decline in the twenty-first century. In the 1970's, this type of training prepared students for manufacturing jobs, such as mechanics and repair and precision production, but today's manufacturing industry has been more globalized and those jobs are largely in other parts of the world. Instead, the national economy is becoming more service- and information-based. The National Center for Education Statistics notes the trend toward a greater emphasis on academics in technological training, as workers in a service- and information-based economy have a greater need for technology, critical thinking and logical troubleshooting skills.

Train4.LifeHelps to fill the gap between the growing technology need and the workforce needed to fill those positions. Individuals learn best when the material is organized in a concrete, deconstructed, and time insensitive way. This platform can help anyone who has issues with focus and deficits in attentive injestion of information.

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